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  • Our new partnership between Manager Carolina Carleschi and Executive Head Chef Chris Tonner, who alongside their respective team, ensures that there is something for everyone at The Adelphi Kitchen.

    Chris Tonner “I will personally be cooking in the kitchen for each and every service to ensure that this venture starts as we mean to go on, and i am especially looking forward to new creations with dry-aged steak sourced locally from our expert butchers".

    At The Adelphi Kitchen we are very proud of the range and quality of our local produce in Aberdeen, and this will be reflected on our menu and with our weekly specials.

    This is ultimately why we are working with the best local food artisans such as Braehead foods, Ola Oils, Blue Flag Fish and also local butchers John Davidson and G. McWilliams, to ensure great quality, a vast variety of seasonal produce and to create full flavoured dishes that reflects the best Aberdeen has to offer.

    If you are into Food Culture then you will love The Adelphi Kitchen, and its cosy atmosphere, as foodie events will be held regularly.

    Our new Front of House team will be on hand to look after you and if need be will help you with your menu choices, so that each time you visit your experience at The Adelphi Kitchen is a mouth-watering and memorable one!


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