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    Super Mario Kart - Aberdeen Championships.

    Food and drink
  • When
    21 January 12:00 - 14:00
  • Not only is this our 1st event of 2018, it is also the inaugural Super Mario Kart Aberdeen Championships.

    We will be playing all 4 cups match race style, with 4 or 5 tracks (depending how many participants enter) being played. The winner of each cup will be awarded 5-points, finishing as runner-up will score 2-points, and the semi-finalists earning 1-point each. The points shall be tallied, and the person who has obtained the most points after all 4 cups, will be declared the winner.

    In the unlikely event of a tie, who has ever won the most cups or rounds, shall be declared the winner. As well as 2nd, 3rd or 4th place. Cash prizes and trophies, will be awarded to the top 4 participants.

    Anyone over the age of 18, is more than welcome to enter. Regardless if your a novice gamer, or a "Pro", our tournaments are about having fun. Although.... it is a nice bonus, if you win 😺

    100% of the entry fee, goes into the prize pot.

    "Maximum 32 participants. Registration and entry fee, must be paid by 23.59pm Saturday 20th. Registration will not be accepted on the day of the tournament. If any preliminary matches need to be played, the last few people who pay, will need to play them."