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    O K J A movie night at Bonobo Cafe

    Food and drink
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    17 January 18:45 - 20:45
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  • “The Netflix film so full of heart, it might just turn you vegan…” - The Independent

    For the second installation in our Veganuary film night trilogy, we’ll be exploring ANIMAL ETHICS by screening Okja, a film about the relationship between a girl and a “super-pig” in a dystopian but not-to-unfamiliar future. The film expertly shows the power and importance of empathy while being action-packed and humorous, too.

    We’ll have a wee discussion at the end so if you have any thoughts you can share them, and we’ll do our best to help answer any questions you have.

    Popcorn, snacks and drinks will be for sale on the night.
    Entry fee is donation based, all donations go to Willows Animal Sanctuary.

    Book your seats through facebook messenger or by emailing hello@bonobotribe.co.uk. <3