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    Beer & Bloodcurdling Tales 3: Castlegate's Crooks & Characters

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    26 June 19:00 - 22:00
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  • Third of three true-crime and supernatural storytelling sessions at Underdog, Castlegate. Black comedy is the order of the day - tales of minor crime, humiliating punishments of petty criminals, dodgy dealings of the Castlegate's kooky characters including Blin Bob, hawker; Sammy Martin - Aberdeen's own Mad Hatter; Lemon-Cakie, aka Jacob Blackwell, Baker; the merchants, the fisherwives and the rest... with some musical mayhem thrown in!

    Your tellers are Company Director, Dr Fiona-Jane Brown and Haworth Hodgkinson, musician & sound artist, owner of High Moss Recordings.

    Join us for beer and bloodcurdling tales - down in the dark recesses of Underdog... which sits on the site of John Ewen's emporium, directly opposite the lost street of Huxter Row. History will come to life once again for all you fans of gore and ghosts!

    Over 16s only (licensed premises)
    Tickets £10 a head (beer nae included!)

    Doors (and bar) open 7pm - please arrive promptly in order to secure a good seat and a drinkie!
    Event starts 7.30pm