• Finding the Balance Workshops

  • 8 July 08:30 - 12:30
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  • Ashtanga & Moon Workshops

    Ashtanga Workshop - Finding the Balance
    Saturday 8 July, 2017 8.30am-12pm

    In this workshop we will explore the themes of balance that run through the Ashtanga Primary series: the balancing of strength with flexibility, the balance of stability and softness, and literally how to keep your balance during challenging asana!

    Beginning with an exploration of Surya Namaskara A & B we will work our way through the series, paying special attention to the standing postures and then turning things upside down as we play with headstand and some of its variations. We will also look at ways to build core strength to help in balancing postures such as Navasana, Bhujapidasana and Vinyasas.

    This workshop will be a great chance to get to know Charlie and vice versa!

    Moon Workshop - Moon Sequence-Chandra Krama
    Sunday 9, 8.30am-12pm

    Created by Matthew Sweeney as a complimentary sequence for the Ashtanga series, Chandra Krama is intended for practice during moon days, periods of low energy, injury, menstruation and pregnancy.

    Ashtanga is considered a surya (sun) energy based practice, focussing more on creating fire and heat within the body. Conversely, Moon sequence is a chandra (moon) energy based practice, which encourages a calm and more introspective state. This is a gentle and flowing sequence with the core values of vinyasa maintained: continuous movement and awareness of breath. Although the postures of Chandra Krama do at times mirror those of the Ashtanga primary series, the intention is shifted by slowing the pace; most asana is done in a kneeling, sitting or lying state and can be held for longer. The deep hip opening and gentle backbending offered can also be deeply therapeutic and are easily accessible. All this helps to rebalance the practitioner physically, psychologically and energetically.

    Although Moon Sequence can be viewed as an addition to your Ashtanga routine, it is an entire practice in and of itself.

    £60 for both days, £35 for one day
    Booking Essential - Contact rebecca@loveyoga.co.uk to book your place.