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    Kate Mullins and Will Bartlett 'Between Us'

  • When
    28 January 19:30 - 23:30
  • This is an 'extra' Sunday concert...

    "Between Us" is a project formed by vocalist Kate Mullins and pianist Will Bartlett that uses song as tool for expressive communication. In their concerts, Kate and Will invite their audience into an intimate two way musical conversation delivering their (and your) favourite music in a way that is designed to open both themselves and their audience to the power of musical connection.

    Ticket purchasers will be given the opportunity to submit their favourite song choice along with the story that accompanies it to Kate and Will in advance of the concert who will then deliver a few of these suggestions at random on the night. Each bespoke arrangement will take into account the personal narrative behind each audience song choice and aims to deliver their faithful take on your most cherished songs."