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    Scottish Chamber Orchestra: Wind Soloists

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    28 June 20:00 - 22:00
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  • A delightful programme of music chosen and played by the acclaimed SCO Wind Soloists. Raff has been sadly overshadowed since his death, but if you love joyful, zesty music like Mendelssohn’s Octet you will greatly enjoy his Sinfonietta. Mozart’s Serenade is its dark twin: as operatic and dramatic as Raff is genial. Francaix cannot help but charm his audience, and his quartet is full of panache and a delightful joie de vivre. Sally Beamish’s enchanting piece gives every member of its quintet a chance to evoke a specific bird solo - so who will be the partridge, lapwing, linnet, barn owl or bullfinch? Please join us and find out.

    FRANÇAIX Quatuor
    MOZART Serenade in C minor K388
    BEAMISH The Naming of Birds
    RAFF Sinfonietta

    SCO Wind Soloists
    Alison Mitchell, Brontë Hudnott - Flute
    Robin Williams, Rosie Staniforth - Oboe
    Maximiliano Martín, William Stafford - Clarinet
    Peter Whelan, Alison Green - Bassoon
    Alec Frank-Gemmill, Harry Johnstone – Horn