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    Newton Faulkner | Aberdenn

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    29 October 20:00 - 22:00
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  • Newton Faulkner has announced a marathon UK tour.


    Newton Faulkner burst on to the music scene in 2007 when his single, Dream Catch Me, was heralded by Jo Whiley. The single hit the top 10 in the UK and helped the resulting debut album, Hand Built By Robots climb to the top of the album charts. Faulkner's innovative guitar style, using percussive tapping on an acoustic guitar and techniques such as tapping and harmonics usually associated with virtuoso electric guitarists, gave the young singer-songwriter a unique sound, making him one of the mainstays of the festival circuit in 2007 and 2008.

    Disaster struck following the world tour in support of the first album. On a skiing holiday, Faulkner fell over and broke his wrist severely. Ironically, at the time Faulkner was not skiing, merely walking out of the door. For any performer, time off with a broken wrist can be tough to deal with, but when you have a reputation as a virtuoso guitarist it can be devastating. Thanks to the stellar work of a team of surgeons, nine pins and a metal plate, Faulkner's wrist was mended, and his guitar playing was unaffected, apart from having to deal with the strange feeling caused by his tendons moving whilst playing.

    2009's second album, entitled Rebuilt By Robots, was named in tribute to the work done on repairing Faulkner's wrist and built on the formula laid down by the first album. Songs such as If This Is It have an anthemic quality which impressed audiences across the world. Faulkner found himself again on the festival circuit, performing at Latitude Festival, the Irish festival, Cois Fharraige and in the Netherlands at the Crossing Border Festival.