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    Energy Master Course

  • When
    26 January 10:00 - 12:00
  • Love in our hearts. Energy in our hands.

    A Powerful High Vibrational Energy System of Empowerment & Mastery. Live in 5D and beyond

    + Embody Higher Realms in the Earthly world
    + Love without Conditions - Heal yourself and others+ Step into your true Mastery - Live from your Higher Self
    + Break free from conditioning & restrictions. Clear lineage of limiting patterns
    + Less is More. No symbols to learn. Just straight pure connection
    to your Multi-Dimensional Mastery

    New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation
    Access and Live your TRUE Multi-Dimensional Self

    “The energy is rocket fuel, it keeps growing with me, opening my
    eyes and heart to who I really was. To who I knew I was all along” C

    - Clearing DNA & past lives, 5D Activating & grounding higher chakras into 3D, Anchoring Diamond Light, working with St -
    Germain, Merlin, Archangels & Ascended Masters, Activating and living from Mahatma energy (and more)
    - Always evolving: Once activated you will continue to benefit and enjoy the upgrades in vibration (no upgrades/levels required)

    January 26th & 29th 2018 (Mon & Fri), 10 – 6 pm approx

    NPMDT Certificate and manual on successful completion of course. £200
    £100 deposit secures place.
    Info & Booking: contact Nitya @ Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre