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    Spectra: Cymbals

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    8 February 20:00 - 09 February 02:00
  • This year’s SPECTRA, Aberdeen’s Festival of Light, also features an exciting programme of live music featuring innovative and groundbreaking international bands and DJ’s performing across city centre venues. Passes are available for single days or the whole weekend - https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Aberdeen/Various-Venues-In-Aberdeen/Spectra-Music-2018/13099944/


    CYMBALS is Dan, Jack, Neil and Luke. Some of them have played in bands before, but this one is different - it's sort of a romantic thing, some kind of chemistry that makes the songs what they are. In May 2011 they released their first 9 months of songs in an album called Unlearn through Tough Love, on limited hand-screen printed vinyl. The album quickly sold out, and interest has grown ever since.

    With Unlearn, the band were figuring out what it meant to write together, a process that was mixed and produced by James Yuill, D/R/U/G/S and Rory Brattwell. The result was a snapshot of charming naivety, a document of their first year that has become dear to a horde of devoted fans. Sideways Sometimes is a different beast. Recorded over five days on Lightship 95, a boat moored in the Thames, the EP has a cleaner, more coherent feel. Fourth member Neil Gillespie took over from Sean on drums, while Sean returned to his first instrument, bass, filling out the space in their sound. Drawing on Yo La Tengo and New Order, the songs follow a pattern, a circle describing a moment in their lives.