• Cafe Sci: Universality of synchronisation

    Book release
  • 21 June 19:00 - 21:00
  • From flashing fireflies to power grids and the human brain! Many natural and artificial processes are the result of spontaneous coordination of a multitude of elements. Come along and discover the fascinating world of synchronization phenomena such as spiking neurons in the brain or people applauding in a stadium.

    Speaker: Gloria Cecchini, Nicolas Deschle & Pau Clusella

    The University of Aberdeen's Cafe Scientifique Aberdeen City series takes place monthly in Waterstone's Union Bridge book store in Aberdeen's Union Street. Sessions run from January through to October and are free to attend. No booking is required and places are allocated on a first-come basis. All the events are pitched at a very accessible level and give ample time for audience questions and discussion