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    Mickey 9s Plus Support

    Live show
  • When
    10 March 19:00 - 21:00
  • Mickey 9s crash land their intergalactic funk in Aberdeen for the first time since supporting Alabama 3 at the Lemon Tree early in 2017.

    They are defined by their driving bass rhythms, funky guitar licks, four-to-the-floor pounding beats and satirically potent lyrics.

    They have always done things in their own, irreverent way. The last few years have seen the band release a series of popular music videos, hilarious comic strips protesting against Thatcher, Bono, and all things evil, and regularly blowing the minds of unsuspecting gig punters all over the UK.

    Their music is relentless, unapologetic, and unrefined. It is music that grabs you immediately by the earlobes, picks you up and shakes you about ?til you have no choice but to start dancing. It is music like a bomb: unpredictable, explosive, and with a hefty bass-sound.