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    All Night Passion presents Desire

    Live show
  • When
    9 December 23:00 - 10 December 01:00
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  • The concept isn't exactly new or ground breaking but since our first Desire party in 2015, other promoters have been hosting 90's nights every other weekend. We almost decided not to host any more Desire parties for this reason, however...

    90's is our guilty pleasure. We don't just download Now That's What I Call 90s Dance, we spend all year digging for vinyl and forgotten gems. It really is one of our highlights of the year, so we aren't going to stop because other promoters have diluted the idea just to make some money and turn it into a cheap gimmick.

    The last two Desire's have sold out so please grab a ticket if you want to come.

    50 early birds available now.