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    Granite noir: Here's looking at you, kids

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    24 February 13:30 - 15:30
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  • Crime panel with Melanie McGrath & Colette McBeth

    Three authors, three gripping takes on the complicated relationship between parents and children. In Melanie McGrath’s Give Me The Child, a doctor confronts her husband’s past infidelity, and his love child. With her family in peril, she wonders if you can be born evil, and whether violent behaviour is genetic. An Act of Silence, by Colette McBeth, questions how far a mother will go to protect a son who is accused of murder. Is she desperate enough to risk other’s lives to save his? In The Stolen Child, Sanjida Kay portrays a frightened family threatened by the arrival of a man claiming to be their adopted daughter’s biological father — and he wants her back.