Ellon go whole hog with ‘Piggery’ after more than £10k donated

Author: Reporter | Now 27 days, 19 hours, and 12 minutes

Ellon Rugby Club received over £10,000 worth of donations by members and locals alike to refurbish the club’s changing and gym facility.

The refurbishment of “The Piggery”, as it’s referred to, was carried out by around 50 members, players and coaches from across the different age bands, all helping out after a call was sent out.

Alistair Hagen, a coach of 10 years at the club, is thrilled with what he has seen of the facility’s alterations.

He said: “Between all the material and labour costs, we must have received between £10,000 to £15,000 in donations, which is brilliant.

“We put a call out via e-mail and our facebook page as we have quite a large following here.

“We outlined our aims to redecorate the space, install new electrics, which had been a problem, and to install central heating.

“A lot of people were very keen to help, which was great.

“It’s very important because, if we don’t have the facilities, then we can’t meet our commitments.

“We get a donation every year from the SRU and we used that money to help with the refurbishments, which is great as well.”

The five-week project has also seen new lighting installed throughout, roof repairs and professionally-painted spaces.

Alistair said: “We will have working central heating, which is a novelty and very timely with winter on the way.

“We’ve also got the Ellon club badge stencilled on the walls and an in-built sound system so there’s a great buzz around the place.

“We’ve had a lot of members painting, cleaning, helping with repairs and even a grandmother was there sanding and cleaning, which was great to see!”

Alistair also wanted to thank the members who dedicated their time and expertise to help out at the project.

He said: “Craig Johnston, of CJ Taping/Painting and decorating, gave us seven days of labour.

“David Haye works with CHES and donated a lot of his time and helped to install the new electrics.

“The Galloways run a heating company and donated their time and expertise to help install the central heating.

“Simon Ruddy supplied material for the timber repairs.

“They deserve thanks for their great work.”